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Board and Train

Benefits of Board and Train

During a young puppy’s stay, they can learn basic obedience. This sets them up for future success and basic obedience gives your puppy a simple understanding of the communication system utilized at Ty Cal K9.

We pride ourselves on offering top-quality pet care while your dog boards with us. 

Top-of-the-line food, programs, and training sitting underneath your dog’s paws!

Our location offers a beautiful reprieve for your favorite pup. If you board while training we make sure your dog enjoys every second and gets better every day. Go out of town and know your dog is in the best hands. 

Better yet, know your dog is improving every day while you’re away. 

We offer real-world distractions like stores, parks, shopping centers, malls, and any other distracting or overwhelming area. This ensures that your pup is able to properly communicate with you in any location. Board and train with Tyca lK9! 

At Tycal K9 we offer exclusive extending boarding that can also come with full training packages.

Extending boarding can range from a month to months long. It is highly variable thus making pricing dependent on our initial screening.

Train With us

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