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Our Results Speak Loud

With happy customers from all around the country,  we make sure that everyone’s loved ones are treated like one of our own. The decision to train with TyCalK9 is one of the easiest you can make.



We can take the most disobedient dogs and change them for the better. Before you know it your dog will be mild-mannered and ready for any situation.

Dog training is vital from an early age. This ensures that your puppy has the best start possible to achieve its training goals. From simple obedience to advanced protection programs our professionals deliver results, leaving you happy and giving your dog the discipline it needs to live a fulfilled life. 

Each and every owner must also train to understand how to be the best leader for their dog.

What Our Clients Say

TyCal K9 Offers more than a pet

A TyCal K9 is not just a beautiful animal or new family companion—it is the personification of perfection; it is a canine for the overachiever, the elite… This is who we cater to; this is the standard we set here at TyCal K9.